Concentration During Studying

A lot of students, especially high school and tawjihi students, have difficulty in focusing during studying. This is particularly difficult during summer time and Eid, when everyone is busy with social events. This makes the person tired and sleepy when studying, but energized when not.

In order to improve focus during studying, students and their parents must follow these easy steps:

  • Start studying the subject that you enjoy the most.
  • What you eat affects your ability to focus and concentrate a lot. Be sure to drink enough water and consume fruits and vegetables that would supply you with fibres, important vitamins and minerals, and maintain brain function.
  • Omega 3 fats play a direct role in brain function and improve focus. They are available in foods such as avocados and unsalted nuts.
  • Nuts and seeds not only contain omega 3 fats, but also supply the body with vitamin E and anti-oxidants which improve concentration.
  • Certain herbs can help with brain function and activity such as ginger, cumin, and rosemary.
  • A lot of students tend to consume a lot of caffeine and energy drinks. While this can help with focus in the short term, it will cause a crash afterwards and make you feel very tired. It also causes dehydration, and can decrease quality of sleep. We recommend to keep intake of these drinks to a minimum, and avoid consuming them during the afternoon.
  • Do not neglect the importance of rest. Sleeping 7-8 hours a day and taking breaks in between study sessions gives the brain enough time to rest which helps with memory.
  • Study in a quiet place, away from your smartphone or access to the internet.
  • In order not to stress, make a reasonable study schedule and stick to it as much as you can. Remember that is measured in its quality, not in quantity.
  • Consult a doctor or a pharmacist if you want to take a supplement to help you focus, and buy them from credible and reliable sources. Keep in mind that most of those supplements contain ginseng and other vitamins that are vital for the nervous system such as B vitamins that don’t have side effects.

The Palestine Hospital family wishes high school and university students good luck and success.