Weight Maintenance after Ramadan

As we approach the end of the holy month of Ramadan, after committing the month for a healthy lifestyle, a lot of us might ask themselves: how can I maintain the weight loss that was achieved during Ramadan?

Reaching a target weight or reducing weight can be a difficult matter. But reaching a goal and maintaining it is more difficult and requires self control with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some recommendations on controlling and maintaining your weight:

  • The first and most important thing is to maintain your will and drive for your weight loss. This means focusing on the reasons that made you want to lose weight, reminding yourself of the dedication and commitment you have for a healthy lifestyle, and that your weight loss is healthy for the mind and body.
  • A lot of us have a fear of weighing ourselves after achieving a certain weight goal. We recommend that you weigh yourself twice a week in the same scale.
  • Focusing on fiber rich foods has a positive impact on maintaining your weight as it makes you feel full for prolonged periods.
  • Consult with a nutritionist so they can recommend your daily calorie allowance and diet to maintain your weight. Of course, you have to stick to their recommendations.
  • Commit at least half an hour a day, 5 days a week for exercise or some physical activity. You can increase the duration and intensity of your workout with the assistance of a sports coach.
  • Always choose lower calorie alternatives when grocery shopping.
  • Feeling guilty when eating something that is out of your normal diet is bad. Treat yourself every once in a while maintaining your normal routine after, and increase your physical training that day or the day after.
  • If you are a person that experiences emotional hunger, you must also know the difference between it and real hunger. Emotional hunger tends to be a sudden and intense craving of a specific type of food that makes you feel guilty after. Real hunger comes slowly and can be delayed, it is not specific to one type of food, and satisfies you after.The easiest way to deal with emotional hunger is to make yourself busy with something that does not involve food. This can include walking, reading, meditation or yoga, and doing household chores. The goal here is to get your mind off food.
  • Reducing time spent in front of screens, including computers, TV,  and smart phones, as you will tend to think about snacking while in front of a screen.
  • Finally, avoid going back to your old food and lifestyle habits as you will go back to the same point when you decided to lose weight. Maintaining the healthy change in your lifestyle and diet that helped you lose weight will maintain what you achieved.

Palestine Hospital wishes you health and a blessed Ramadan.