Neurosurgeon fellow and Palestine Hospitaldirector Dr. Nasri Khoury stands next to in Amman Jordan

Doctor Nasri Khoury- General Director


  • Birmingham University Medical School. Birmingham, England 1973-1978.  
  • Straight Surgical Internship, Toronto General Hospital. Toronto, Canada 1978-1979.
  • Residency Neurosurgery University of Toronto. Toronto, Canada 1979-1984.
  • E. Harry Botterell Fellow in Neurosurgery, Toronto General Hospital. Toronto, Canada 1984-1985.

Past Appointments: 

  • Lecturer - Department of Nursing, George Brown College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
  • Lecturer - Department of Surgery, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
  • Attending Staff - Dept. of Neurosurgery, Sunnybrook Medical Center,Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Lecturer, Yarmouk University Medical School, Irbid, Jordan.
  • Member - Neurosurgical subcommittee, Jordan Medical Council, Amman, Jordan. 
  • Clinical Assistant Professor - Department of Special Surgery, Jordan University Medical School, Amman, Jordan. 
  • Consultant Neurosurgeon - Department of Neurosurgery, Jordan University Hospital, Amman, Jordan
  • Clinical Associate Professor - Jordan University of Science & Technology, Irbid, Jordan. 
  • Consultant Neurosurgeon - Al-Hussein Cancer Center, Amman, Jordan. 
  • Head – Section of Neurosurgery - Al-Hussein Cancer Center, Amman, Jordan. 

Present Appointments:

  • Director General - Palestine Hospital, Amman, Jordan.
  • Consultant Neurosurgeon - Palestine Hospital, Amman, Jordan.
  • Member - Board of Trustees, Palestine Hospital, Amman, Jordan.
  • Member - Board of Directors, Palestine Hospital, Amman, Jordan. 
  • External Examiner - Department of Neurosurgery - Jordan University, Amman, Jordan.
  • Consultant Neurosurgeon, Saint Luke’s Hospital, Nablus, Palestine.
  • Founding Director – ThinkFirst Jordan.
  • Member – Board of Trustees, Royal Health Awareness Society, Jordan. 
  • Member – Executive Committee, Private Hospital Association, Jordan. 
  • Board Member – Sania Fund, Amman, Jordan.


  • General Medical Council of Great Britain, UK. 
  • Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons, Ontario, Canada. 
  • Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada, Canada.
  • Canadian Medical Association, Canada. 
  • American Association of Neurological Surgeons, USA. 
  • Congress of Neurological Surgeons, USA. 
  • Jordan Medical Association, Jordan. 
  • Jordanian Neurosurgical Society, Jordan.
  • World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies.
  • Society for Care of Neurological Patients.
Administrative and finance director Mr. Rami Elewat on his desk in Palestine Hospital Amman Jordan

Mr. Rami Elewat- Administrative and finance director


  • Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting.  Petra University. Amman, Jordan 2010.
  • Diploma in Commerce in Accounting. Arab College. Amman, Jordan 1990.


  • Head of Internal Audit Section, Istiklal Hospital. Amman, Jordan 2008-2016.
  • Internal Audit and Deputy Head of Internal, Audit Istiklal Hospital. Amman, Jordan 2005-2008.
  • Chief Accountant and Acting Head of Accounting Department, Palestine Hospital. Amman, Jordan 2000-2005.
  • Accountant and Acting Treasurer, Palestine Hospital, Amman, Jordan 1998-2000.
  • Bank Employee - Department of deposits, Housing Bank for Trade and Finance. Amman, Jordan 1993-1998.